About Us

We transform brands.

Social media for your business is no longer optional. With over half of the world’s population using various digital platforms, these are all people who could be learning about YOUR business. If people don’t know about you, they can’t become your customers, simple as.

However, just being on social media isn’t enough anymore, you need a solid content marketing strategy which makes your audience tick, or they simply won’t care enough. This is where we come in.

Doxie Digital will create a tailored content strategy to YOUR business and YOUR goals. Not every company needs virality to make an impact, you don’t even need 10000s of followers, you just need to share the right message with your audience. 

Why choose us?

We produce REAL results

Our strategy is simple: Understand your objectives and customise solutions. We will help you define YOUR goals and produce REAL results for YOU. No vanity metrics around here.


You're not just another number. We genuinely care about your brand and your goals. We’re proud of what we do – building strong relationships, thinking outside the box and transforming your brand for the better.

We have the EXPERIENCE

We’ve already worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours. From tree surgeons to property investors, we will ensure to have an in-depth understanding of your industry.

Social is only getting bigger.

*of internet users aged 16-64 use social media as their primary source of information when researching brands
*growth of social media users in the last year
*is the predicted growth of social media ad spend in 2022

It's time to transform your content strategy.

*Hootsuite 2022

Our Team

Charlotte Brand

Founder & Director

With 7 years marketing experience and an obsession with everything social, Charlotte founded Doxie Digital with a desire to transform brands for the better.


Chief Brand Officer

Despite never completing a day's work in her life, Dollie is somehow the face behind the brand. With her ridiculously short legs and floppy ears, she isn't much help with any campaigns. She's just there for the vibes.